Project 3: Communicating Information

Project Brief: Communication is one of the critical aspects in the design process. From the description of stakeholders, the significance of the problem, to the appropriateness of your proposed solution, designers are asked to communicate articulately and persuasively to their colleagues, clients, as well as users. Building on the previous projects, you will create a persuasive poster presentation that makes a case for one of the solutions your team developed in the first project.

Exercise: Storyboarding Toast

Storyboarding is a really simple way of communicating a narrative. For this exercise I created a storyboard that shows someone how to make toast.

My resulting storyboard was extremely simple and involved getting bread, adding butter on it, placing it in a toaster and waiting, and serving it. Our next exercise was to make a collaborative storyboard using one image from each person in our group.

This new storyboard was definitely more detailed than my individual one and expanded on the process by including how you obtain your ingredients.

Exercise: Brainstorming our Poster Process

For this exercise, we reviewed the solutions in Project 1 to develop our Care Community mobile app that would connect senior adults with volunteers to help them get their groceries.

Exercise: Sketching our Poster

For this exercise, some of my groupmates and I met up in person to sketch some initial poster ideas. For our medium, we used chalk on a sidewalk so we could draw full scale and be loose with our ideas.

Our next step was translating these ideas to a digital format and creating some rough drafts in InDesign. Here are some of our early iterations:

Our feedback on the rough drafts suggested that we come up with a more consistent graphic style for our illustrations. We also needed to change our different sized circles and randomly placed text.

Final Poster

For our final, we created more cohesive illustrations and solidified the text from our original narrative to help communicate the story.

Carcnegie Mellon School of Architecture '22