Project 4: Designing Information for Quick Understanding

Project Brief: We live in a world of big data. The world needs more ways to make sense of data, identify numbers that matter, and make meaning about them relative to the task at hand. In this project, you will develop an online dashboard that displays weather and personal data. You will create a single, non-scrolling, non-interactive information display that helps a particular user process and understand information at a glance, with minimal interaction. Your work will be guided by a competitive analysis of a range of dashboards and visualizations that are currently available for corporations and commercial products.


Project 3: Communicating Information

Project Brief: Communication is one of the critical aspects in the design process. From the description of stakeholders, the significance of the problem, to the appropriateness of your proposed solution, designers are asked to communicate articulately and persuasively to their colleagues, clients, as well as users. Building on the previous projects, you will create a persuasive poster presentation that makes a case for one of the solutions your team developed in the first project.

Exercise: Storyboarding Toast

Storyboarding is a really simple way of communicating a narrative. …

Project 2: Learning and Practicing the Fundamentals of Visual Communication

Project Brief: The visual presentation of text affects the audience’s understanding of the content in any medium. In this project, you will conduct a series of exercises that require you to present the text that is provided as a poster and a mobile screen, paying close attention to how typographic variables — contrast, proximity, alignment, scale and color — affect the reading of the information.

For this project, I’ll be designing a poster for a webinar series hosted by the Whitney Museum.

Week 1

For the first four exercises, I was given the raw text that would be going on…

Project 1: Understanding design opportunities
and creating concepts

Week 1

How can we help senior citizens better utilize curbside pickup and grocery delivery services in the age of the pandemic?

Our project started out by understanding the current context and situation that senior citizens are currently facing. In our discussions, we listed out some of the existing services such as Instacart or Amazon Whole Foods, and began researching their user’s experience. Our research methods included case studies, interviews, observing the processes of delivery and curbside pickup, as well as making accounts for each of the services and placing orders for delivery/pickup.

Week 2

For the second week, we…

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